The Future belongs to Online Shopping through Smart Phones

This Black Friday 2020 has confirmed that online shopping through smartphones is the trend; we are going to follow in the next few years. Long parking outside the shopping malls and brand outlets were not as busy as we were expecting. It does not mean that people did not utilize this Black Friday properly; rather it was a smartphone that helped them shop online and get their favorite products at their doorstep.

The current figures have not been disclosed by the largest shopping brands yet, but we can look into the details of Black Friday 2019. According to Adobe, the total online business on Black Friday 2019 was $7.4 billion. Out of this total business, the consumers used smartphones and helped the businesses generate $2.9 billion, which was 39%. It was the largest percentage in the history of online shopping through smartphones in the United States. The experts think that this percentage will be around 55% this year.

Interestingly, the consumers spent the largest amount in the buying of smartphones, which was 21% of the total online buying.

This trend has changed the whole concept of shopping, as the experts are now estimating that before Christmas, the buyers will not prefer standing in line for buying and consider online shopping through smartphones because it is the best way through which you can save your time and energy and enjoy the Christmas and New Year 2020 celebrations more. According to the estimates, 41% of the shoppers prefer online shopping through smartphones more, and when we compare it with the past year, it is huge.

Another important aspect is the spending amount that consumers use for online shopping. According to the stats about the Black Friday 2019, the average order value was $168 through online shopping, which was the record high. According to the estimates, there are a good number of users who are browsing retail online stores through their smartphones but they did not buy anything. Overall, more than 61% of traffic comes from smart phones while talking about retail online stores.

The top-selling items also tell us some fun facts that help the businesses take decisions accordingly. The top-selling tech-products in the Black Friday 2020 were Airpods, Apple Laptops, and Samsung LEDs. The top-selling console is once again Nintendo Switch while the top games have been Madden 20 and FIFA 20. The top toys in 2020 have been Frozen 2, Paw Patrol, and LOL surprise, etc.

It all confirms that shopping trends have been changed in the world, and people love preferring online shopping now. The trend of online shopping has also changed, as only a year or two ago, online shopping has been normally, through laptops and desktops, while the percentage of using smartphones had a negligible percentage. But in just two to three years, more than 55% have shifted their approach and now prefer smartphones for online shopping.

However, it does not mean that mobile phones will capture the whole market. The concept of shopping is feasible only when you are planning to buy those products that have the same quality whether you are buying online or through a retail store. However, there are only a few products that fall into this category. Numerous products need proper inspection before buying. These products will have a major part in shopping, and for that, we will visit the markets for the next many decades.

Overall, shopping through mobile phones is altogether a unique experience. It helps you avoid the rush and busy traffic, and get your desired products at your doorstep. Moreover, it keeps you engaged with the latest fashion trend that is a must in this competitive world of living with high standards.

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